Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First

I want women to know that beer isn't just for men. Growing up I always wanted to be like the boys, fish with my brother and watch gory action movies with my dad etc...but once I started growing up I figured out that my girl friends didn't want to do those kind of thing with me. Well now women are getting more involved in the "men's" world of beer and I love it. So now I don't feel alienated because I prefer a beer over a cosmo...since you can probably find me drinking one with one of my girls at the bar.

The first time I had a craft brew was when I was 19. Oh, that first sip of Victory Golden Monkey stole my heart and never let me go back to any kind of Budweiser or anything of that sort ever again. So I started going a little crazy, ordering books online, buying beer shirts, and researching everything I could find about this new and exciting "hobby". Now that I am 21 and can (legally) drink in bars, I couldn't even begin to list the crazy beers I've tried but I sure as hell enjoyed every single one of them. I'm pretty new to the blogging community...tried it once before with other topics but all I really wanted to blog about was beer. So here I am now...plus The Distillery is starting a woman's beer club . Which (if you didn't know already) my family runs. And the only reason I don't drink Mikes Hard Lemonade ::cringe:: or even know what a micro brewery is, is probably because of my brother Ben. He manages The Distillery and takes care of all the beer ordering and is a beer connoisseur. I don't know how I could live on without knowing how Founders KBS tastes like or what a tripel is.

Just to warn you, I'm not going to college for journalism or writing. I just love beer and want to talk about it, maybe show some people that you're not drinking craft beer because you're stuck up, but because its more than just a way to get drunk.  Ever since since I've drank that first craft beer I can't turn back.
Is ignorance really bliss? Cause a glass of Southern Tier Creme Brulee seems more like bliss to me...
Cheers to the women with beer.