Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This brewery could possibly be the best thing to happen to craft brewskis in my opinion at least. Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales is well known and you can even be bought in your upper scale grocery store. After a taste of their classic ipa (60 minute) you'll want to try even more of their delish beer. Plus the founder Sam Calagione is a hottie which just adds to the appeal..

I just found their website online which turned out to be AMAZING. Not only do they show all the sweet ass beer they make but their clothing and accessories are pretty cool too. I want an iphone just so I can get the cover they make for it(the picture on the left is the cover).

Top 5 Favorite beers from DFH
1. 90 minute IPA
2. Namaste
3. Sah'tea
4. 60 minute IPA
5. Pangaea

Visit the website and Sam himself will explain his beers to you in videos, even if you're not a major beer drinker he will win you over and you'll have to try some of these. Put down those 24 packs of  bud lights and natty lights. Instead get a six pack of 90 minute and you'll be shwasty face after 3 (saves you time annnnd money!).