Monday, July 9, 2012

Pucker up

Who would've thought a beer could actually make you pucker your lips and still taste wonderful? It's hard to describe how delicious I find this beer. It is probably in my top five favorite beers and no sharing with this one. I will be finishing this 750 ML beer all by myself (don't judge). Rodenbach Grand Cru, made in belgium, is a flanders red ale.

Let me take you step by step though my experience with this beer:
It pours a deep, dark reddish purple and a pretty, light brown head.
I take a whiff and smell a strong vinegar and cherry mixture.
Oh man, my mouth is hit with strong funky flavors! Cherries, vinegar, green apples, balsamic, very sweet and very tart.

Now I'm no newbie to this beer but every time I have it, it seems as though its my first time again ;) If you are new to sour ales, I recommend starting out with Founders Cerise. This beer is pretty similar to Rodenbach but is more subtle and a little less intimidating.

If you want to know the way into a man's heart, make him a Rodenbach Grand Cru pie! I found this recipe online but have never tried it. If anyone does have a go at it please let me know how it turns out!
(plus you can drink the leftovers while the pie is baking)
Cheers to the women with beer.